thread collective supports the Van Alen Institute as part of the Benefit Committee for their Spring Party. Join US! to celebrate all the good work of the Van Alen Institute, Thursday March 16th 2017. Follow this link for tickets. We will see you at the party!

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2.23 walling off what matters

you are invited to join a dialogue with Gita Nandan, chair of Resilient Red Hook and principal at thread collective
part of the 100 Days of Impact Series
February 23rd at the Impact Hub NYC,
394 Broadway, New York, NY 10013 / noon – 1pm
Infrastructure will be at the core of Trump’s economic engine, with the construction of a southern border wall at the center. In this critical junction around climate change action, I will be presenting innovative ideas on how communities can implement local action to tackle flood protection and resiliency to prepare our low-lying communities for the next century. I ask that you join in the conversation to discuss how to grow a city-wide vision. sign up here,
Please sign up for the event through this link.


#threadinthefield. the 4th floor of a greenpoint penthouse under construction.

01.02 NEXT CITY a field guide to fence

Kicking off 2017, Gita and Elliott wrote a piece for Next City, on their thoughts around fences,an issue they have been mulling over for years. The project was in partnership with Rachel Abrams, a visual storyteller, of Turnstone Consulting, who created illustrative images of the typology of fences explored. A Field Guide to Fences.

happy new year 2017!

thread collective wishes a joyous and just 2017 to all.

WeACT 11.12

Gita Nandan and Elliott Maltby will be participating in the Urban Communities Organizing for Climate Resilience, hosted by WeACT and Columbia University. Gita will present her work with the Red Hook Community Microgrid project; Elliott will present her Preparedness Kiosk project. For more information and to register, visit the conference website.

RETI CENTER Conference 11.18 -11.19

thread has been working with the RETI Center to conceive and execute the RETI Center Conference and EXPO to be held on November 18th and 19th. The event will explore the state of the Resilient Labor Market and the ways we envisions a more just and equitable resilient future for New York City. The EXPO will showcase a wide range of products and designs that help homeowners, builders, and designers create a better environment. see for registration and more information.

greenbuild LA 2016

thread joined the GreenBuild 2016 Conference and Expo in Los Angeles, exploring many new sustainable building products and learning about the ecosystem restoration along the Los Angeles River.

5.16 Gowanus Expo Gowanus Field Stations

Visit us at the Gowanus Expo on May 21st where we will be field testing our Gowanus Field Station. Learn about the ecology of the Gowanus, it’s history, and what the future holds. thread was recently awarded a New York State Council for the Arts grant to work in partnership with the Gowanus Canal Conservancy on the design and implementation of the Gowanus Field Stations project – originally conceived in 2013 through an NEA Art Works grant that creates a set of shelters along the Gowanus Canal shores to allow for citizen engagement with this historical urban ecological region.

5.16 Adaptations Future

Adaptation Futures is the biennial conference of the Global Programme of Research on Climate Change Vulnerability, Impacts and Adaptation (PROVIA). In 2016 the European Commission and the Government of the Netherlands co-host the fourth edition.  Ms. Nandan will be joining Gabriel Muris of Urban Impact and Jaime Stein, coordinator of the SES Department in the PSPD Department at Pratt Institute with other Pratt Faculty to showcase the Delta Cities Curriculum at the Adaptations Futures 2016 Conference, in Rotterdam.


Howard Houses farm is under construction, part of the larger New York City Housing Authority Urban Agriculture Initiative. Working closely with the team at Green City Force and local residents at Howard Houses, thread designed this urban farm within the unique circle that sits in the center of this NYCHA community.


thread collective, working in partnership with the South Brooklyn Industrial Development Corporation, was awarded a Regional Economic Development Council grant to provide planning and architectural services for the feasibility of developing a vacant brownfield site in Red Hook Brooklyn into a Resilience, Education, Training, and Innovation (RETI) Center.

11.8 BDNY Conference

Call it the Ace effect. Or citizenM. Or Generator. Hospitality clients now demand that hotels be neighborhood haunts for guests and locals alike. The challenge is that the urban landscape is undergoing some major changes. Ms. Nandan will be discussing how agricultural landscapes and hospitality can be merged to create expertientially rich and fullfilling spaces. She joins panelists John Cetra, John Wilder and Anwar Mekhayach with Moderator Mary Scoviak, Executive Editor, Boutique Design at the Boutique Design Trade Fair, November 8th at 1pm. Tickets can be found here.


Ms. Nandan will be joining writer DW Gibson, author of The Edge Becomes the Center, An Oral History of Gentrification in the Twenty-First Century, in a discussion for Van Alen’s Variety Show, Periphery. The conversation is around evolving edges of the city, Ms. Nandan will be discussing her views presented in the DW Gibson’s Oral History book with several other participants. tickets at Van Alen.  The event will be held Thursday November 5th, 7pm, at the Former St. Luke’s Evangelical Church
259 Washington Avenue. Brooklyn, New York


Lisa Delgado writes about pro-active architects in this Fall’s edition of Oculus, The DIY Approach to Housing, addressing how various firms have tackled development and housing on their own terms. thread collective’s is proud to have been included in this timely article, featuring TroutHouse. Mark Mancuso is quoted, “we design something and then go to the developer-client, and then the design changes because we tailor it to what they want. But since we were own client, design was much faster”.  to read the full article, Oculus Fall 2015


One of the first models in the nation of a working farm on New York City’s Housing Authority’s property, for public housing residents, will be open to visitors as part of the month-long Architecture and Design Month Festival, Archtober Tours. thread collective’s Gita Nandan and Elliott Maltby, will lead a “Building of the Day” tour of this one-acre innovative urban agriculture space, where produce is provided to families in the NYCHA Red Hook Houses. Called the Red Hook West Urban Farm, the new outdoor space in Red Hook, Brooklyn, was developed by the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) as a prototype to be replicated on at least five other sites, as part of their Urban Agriculture Initiative. When it opened, this initiative added an architectural dimension to the Mayor’s Obesity Task Force. Green City Force, whose Americorps youth farm and maintain the site, and Added Value, one of the founders of the project will join us for the presentation.

For more details, visit


Ms. Nandan will present Designing Interiors for Resiliency on October 28th at NeoCon East, in Philadelphia. NEOCON EAST is the nation’s premier design expo and conference for commercial interiors on the East Coast. This year’s show will feature new partnerships with important regional design organizations as well as the best in products and services, ready to specify, across a spectrum of vertical markets including Workplace, Healthcare, Education, Public Space, Hospitality, Retail and Government.

Designing Interiors for Resiliency

9.16 design.develop.discuss

WED, SEP 16, 2015 AT 6:00 PM
TALK: Designer As Developer: Building Your Vision, Building New Business

Should architects and designers take control of the development, financing and investment process to both achieve breakthrough designs and to take control of their futures? Gita of thread collective LLC. will be joining this panel of distinguished experts who all say yes, and they discuss the steps required to develop properties and interiors with their own designs. The main benefits of this challenging dual approach is that the designer is able to “invest” in better designed results. Program includes case studies on new building projects. Moderated by Metropolis Magazine’s Susan Szenasy.

Panelists include: Jorge Mastropietro, Max Drivin, Gita Nandan, Diana Sutherlin

to join the event, see this link 
where: USAI Lighting Pop-up Showroom – 13 Crosby Street New York, NY

7.15 collect pond + the urban backstage

The Urban Backstage activities were performed on July 18th and are part of iLAB East River, a collaboration between Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and iLAND – interdisciplinary Laboratory for Art, Nature and Dance. Participating artists: Julie Kline, Elliott Maltby, Clarinda Mac Low, Jeremy Pickard, Shawn Shafner, Rachel Stevens. Collect Pond Park performance: Visit the place where Collect Pond used to be, and imagine the city when it was the primary source of fresh drinking water –and a place of leisure and escape. Wreck Brook / East River Walk: Walk the former site of the Old Wreck Brook from Foley Square to the East River, up to Pier 42, exploring the links between natural water systems and engineering systems. The Urban Backstage: CSO Theater:  Travel from Pier 42 to the East River Amphitheater where ideas about what’s hidden –under our city, and in ourselves– take to the stage.

6.15 bushwick open studios

This year we collaborated with Lucy Pullen, showing work that addresses play, architecture, place, space, urban ecology, and the unexpected. Lucy Pullen studied painting at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, graduating in 1994. Then she turned to sculpture. Her work has a playfulness and directness that opens it up to any viewer. It can be critically linked to conceptualism, and to a NSCAD trend to use unusual materials to make metaphysical points, but it is not necessary to know a secret art language to understand or enjoy it.(1) Her work is marked by conceptual ambition, technical daring, and antic humor.(2) Pullen intentionally shifts her work between the everyday and the esoteric as she pursues projects that give structure to the essential uncertainty and randomness of the universe.(3) Pullen’s work is built on paradox.

05.15 LMCC /iLAND paths to pier 42

MAY 9 / PIER 42 1pm and 3pm: As part of the LMCC”S Paths to Pier 42 Elliott and 5 other artist collaborators will be their work on urban backstage. This is the part of the city that, through accident, intention, design, loss, or neglect, allows urban residents to remove their masks, to make mistakes, to expose [or hide] things, thoughts and actions that may not be allowed elsewhere. Water infrastructure is another aspect of the urban backstage: the mechanics of the city waterworks are often hidden and behind the scenes. Our research explores the individual’s and the city’s relationship to water, waste, and the physical body. During this walking participatory conversation and investigation, we will discuss our research thus far, the connections between the personal and the communal, and together we will explore both the informal and formal backstage through space and language

4.15 lowlands: Manhattanville

Our latest iteration of lowlands, in Manhattanville, is a proposal developed under Mary Miss’s City as Living Lab. We will  collaborate with Manhattanville NYCHA residents to create a temporary installation that illustrates the ecosystem service value of trees, in the context of the area’s ecological history. Design charettes, experiential mapping, data collection and physical scores will facilitate exploration of the overlap of public space politics, local environmental challenges, particularly air pollution, current tree coverage, and historic marshes.

11.14 The Nature of Cities

Check out Elliott’s contribution to the November roundtable hosted by the excellent website The Nature of Cities. This question was “How can art (in all its forms), exhibits, installations and provocations be a better catalyst to raise awareness, support and momentum for urban nature and green spaces?”  The very short synopsis: It is clear that knowledge and awareness alone do not serve as sufficient catalysts for change, art must embrace collaboration, embodied participation, and the mysterious.

9.14 Humanities Without Walls

With Jennifer Monson, dancer and executive director of iLAND, Elliott presented at the Humanities Without Walls  symposium at the University of Chicago. Looking at issues of cross-disciplinary collaboration, they drew from 10 years of iLAND residencies, which give time for movement artists and scientists to explore new hybrid methods for understanding urban ecologies.  And this is what makes the collaborations that iLAND supports quite different, that is seeing collaboration as not a means to an end, but an explicit topic in and of itself. It’s an experiment. Collaborations of this type challenge us to develop more complex processes to  match the complexity in the issues and questions of the research.

3.14 RAMP Rotterdam X

Gita had the opportunity to participate in Pratt Institute’s RAMP Rotterdam Exchange program this Spring, traveling with 16students, 8 NYC community leaders and several faculty to the Netherlands to learn, experience, explore, and exchange ideas on water management, community development, and the future of our delta cities.  Spear headed by Ron Shiffman, the week long exchange was hosted and sponsored by Arjan Braamskamp from the Netherlands Consulate General and the Rotterdam RDM Campus.  We can’t thank them enough for the deeply engaging converesations, tours, and share knowledge.  Please visit  our blog, where you can track our experience, watch videos of presentations, and a whole lot of photos : RAMPRotterdamX / and our twitter hashtag #ramprotterdamx

3.14 AIA Regional Recovery Working Group Workshop

Gita will be present resiliency design and master plan of the Red Hook Community Farm at the AIA’s Regional Recovery Working Group Workshop held on the NYIT campus on March 31st, 2014.  She will be joining Ronald Peister, Director, Division of Building Standards and Codes NYS Department of State, Henk Ovink, Principal, ‘Rebuild by Design,’ Senior Advisor to Secretary Donovan, HUD / Sandy Task Force Brian Baer,Regional Program Coordinator, Architecture for Humanity and Army Corp of Engineers recovery director.  This day long workshop is geared for stakeholders across the four state region working in coastal communities at all scales of rebuilding and planning. The Working Group’s on going mission is to share experience and case studies of recovery efforts across the region, highlight good practices, notes changes to building codes along with updates to state and federal procedures, financing and opportunities.

2.14 AIA The Social Practice of Civic Engagement

Gita  will be joining Quilian Riano to present projects that situate themselves in the public realm and question the meaning of inclusion in a democratized space. Gita Nandan will speak about he Red Hook Community Farm plays a vital role in public space. Quilian will present his project #whOWNSpace around the questions of who really owns public space and a case study project of participatory planning in an immigrant community.  Monday February 24th, 6pm at the Center for Architecture.

2.14 Perform Live design competition

We are excited to support the Perform Live Design Competition created by Sefaira and Sketchup. Design under pressure + net zero makes for an energetic event!  The event will take place on May 17th at the Pratt Manhattan Campus, and is hosted by the UESM department.  Visit the website to sign up, and learn more details as they unfold.

2.14 Passive 154 infrared

A very revealing street scape image taken with an infra-red camera, thanks to Sam McAfee of sg.BUILD for stopping by to snap this. You can guess which house is the Unger Hansen House because the the original front entrance doors are the only part of the envelope still leaking internal heat indicated by glowing red from the single pane glazing.  An infra-red camera is a great tool during the construction process as it clearly reveals the performance and corrections can be made before it is too late.

9.13 TroutHouse awarded LEED Gold

We are very excited to announce that TroutHouse was awarded LEED Gold for Homes.  Many thanks to Steve Klocke at Steven Winters Associates and to our construction team for helping to realize a very sustainable home for thread collective, LLC.  To get a tour of the project, check out this Curbed video.