A 77 acre property with a private lake gives inspiration for the design of a new house. Configured around a courtyard that opens onto the water, the house maximizes views to the lake.  Sustainable elements include a geothermal system coupled with highly efficient heat pumps, tight thermal envelope, and green roof.   photos by fran parente [6,000 sf new construction]

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thread collective recently completed, and now occupies, an energy star and LEED Gold multifamily building. Being involved in the ground up project on both sides of the development and design process, we have practical insight and share a common perspective with our clients’ needs. Strong moments of color, repurposed materials, including reclaimed Coney Island boardwalk, and expansive light and outdoor access at the front and back, support well designed open plan interiors. [6,000 sf new construction]


A vertical enlargement to an existing building in Greenpoint creates an owner’s loft on three floors, organized around a 37′ high atrium that stitches the spaces together with light. Construction nearing completion, pics coming soon. [5000 sf enlargement]


A dilapidated one-story manufacturing structure was transformed into a small gallery and 89 seat performance space, The Wild Project. While retaining many elements of the existing building’s character, sustainable strategies were incorporated throughout the theater: maximizing natural daylight, installing energy efficient heating and cooling systems, water efficient fixtures, and a new well insulated roof system. The roofscape was designed with a wood deck and green roof creating a serene gathering place. photos by joshua lutz [2,000 sf renovation]


This new LEED rated building houses seven condominium units, each with their own unique layout organized around natural daylight. While not an exhaustive list, sustainable strategies include improved indoor environmental quality and optimized energy performance. The building provides a 5kW photovoltaic array, green roof, and rainwater harvesting system. photos by joshua lutz [7,000 sf new construction]


Arranged along a single elegant line, the pier house is comprised of two linked buildings and a sequence of outdoor spaces and pools. A 2,000 sf main house and a 950 sf guest house slip past each other on either side of the path, opening onto and defining the main courtyard. One of the modern houses in Sagaponac, it achieves net zero status as a result of a highly insulated envelope, efficient fixtures and mechanical systems working in tandem with a geothermal system and photovoltaic array.  [3,000 sf new construction]